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3 min readJan 25, 2022


It’s time for an updated nautical chart (aka. roadmap) for the unFederalReserve voyage. 🚢🗺️


Overview: RL+ will be a permissioned version of ReserveLending (RL) for use by KYC’d institutions only, custodied by a Host broker-dealer, leveraging information about product, rates and usability obtained from other institutional DeFi programs, and our discussions with major KYC partners. This is the next RB2B waypoint.

Timeframe (est): the next 60 days…

  • Create permissioned core unContracts (the “Core”)
  • Create a username/password 2FA interface
  • Build out ReserveLending+ UI experience
  • Partner with a broker-dealer to custody the Core
  • Market to KYC’d entities through strategic partnerships with KYC partner platforms.

Please note: Industry competitors currently have $20mn in TVL after a few weeks post-launch. We estimate 10% of KYC’d entities will adopt eventually with an average borrow of $25mn over the first year of full operation.


Overview: ReserveLending (RL), a decentralized P2P (“DeFi”) protocol that allows crypto holders of certain tokens to Deposit, Earn and Borrow.

Timeframe: Current and ongoing

  • Calibration of stablecoin interest rate models to align with metrics
  • Collateral factor review and, for vote, possible adjustments
  • Maintenance, debugging and further documentation
  • Continued evangelism of market leading APYs


Overview: ReserveFunding (RF) is a DeFi to TradFi platform that allows cryptowealthy, U.S. citizens to participate in 506(c) alternative investment opportunities without having to sell their crypto. Our first fund, Atipana, was filled in December, and our new splash page encourages guests to select the types of funds in which they are interested, and allows funds to sign up to be considered for listing!

Timeframe: Late Q1 through to Q3

  • Gathering marketing data on selected fund types
  • Creating fund acquisition pipeline from RF entrants
  • Maintenance, debugging and further documentation
  • Expand Atipana Opportunity Fund to first TradFi vault
  • Design Percent® Agreggator interface per MOU (Memo Of Understanding) allowing users to invest in all Percent® deals


Overview: Similar to RL+, RB2B is for permissioned entities. Unlike RL+, RB2B will be a collateral-less ‘cash v credit’ spot market for institutions that will require not only underwriting for compliance but also to determine credit limits. Please note this time frame is dependent upon the adoption of RL+, market conditions and many other factors.

Timeframe (est.): Q4 through to Q1 2023

  • Design a collateral-free #DeFi version of RL+
  • Develop credit underwriting process (or partnership)
  • Negotiate supply-side line of credit with Galaxy Digital


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