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6 min readDec 7, 2021

December 7, 2021

Ahoy eRSDL community members! We are thrilled to share our latest developments, enhancements of features and optimizations to our ship. Let’s bring you up to speed with our latest upgrades which set the sails in the right direction for exponential growth in DeFi adoption.

  • ReserveLending has deployed single-sided staking, a revised dashboard for lending platform, improved user experience for desktop and mobile users, APY and Gwei tracker.
  • ReserveFunding is now supporting new fintech payments and settlement integrations, successful KYC set-up and onboarding, and more.


Single-Sided Staking:

We believe there is a need for a critical infrastructure for decentralized finance, traders and liquidity providers to participate in a secure and robust financial marketplace.

ReserveLending has officially deployed a Single-Sided LP Tool for Uniswap — providing a greater incentive for eRSDL tokens and ability to earn more in terms of fees.

“Single-Sided Staking has been a constant eRSDL token utility/feature request from our community. We are excited to provide ease of use to the Single-Sided Staking functionality of Uniswap” — Ryan Medlin, CTO @ unFederalReserve

Our simple-to-use interface enables eRSDL holders to unlock incentive opportunities in a single-sided liquidity pool built into ReserveLending. eRSDL holders can now supply their tokens and earn trading fees in available pools like eRSDL-USDT, eRSDL-ETH and eRSDL-USDC.

Updates on Initial Uniswap v2 Staking:

With all the new Uniswap v3 features in place, we want to assure users staking on Uniswap v2 that we haven’t forgotten you.
Kindly note, for easy access, the old staking URL has been moved to →

Users can now find details of their old staking positions on v2 in the overview section on the Dashboard (link mentioned above). We encourage users to migrate your liquidity to Uniswap v3 for better interest rates and added advantages.

APY Updates to Dashboard:

In our new interface, users can see their past earnings. This shows the users’ potential earnings in the single-sided staking tool for each pool, based on the past 30 days. Users will now be aware of their earnings before investing in a particular pool.

Even the little things matter! We believe that this feature (as small as it may seem) adds significantly to our long-term vision to create a more transparent and open financial ecosystem.

Lending Platform:

We are blending engineering, product and design in the best way possible to bring world-class services to our users.

But what is a service without its users? Community feedback is of the utmost importance to us. We have worked long and hard on your recommendations to make ReserveLending more powerful and user-friendly than ever before.

Our priority was to make the platform feel intuitive, with a few improvements to delivering cutting-edge design for seamless transition to elevate the overall user experience.

Gwei Tracker:

The Gwei or the Ethereum gas tracker is a new feature located on our latest dashboard. You will no longer have to wrack your brain or switch tabs to track the latest gas prices.

This tracker indicates the transaction fees that the user is required to pay to successfully complete the transaction.

If the user has insufficient funds in their wallet, they will now be notified through a notification (in red) like in the image below.

[As all transactions occur on the Ethereum network, fees are subject to network congestion. Fees are never constant]

Mobile Version:

A smooth user experience is the most effective and sustainable way to improve adoption.

As one-third of our users use our application via mobile, we have made the application much more accessible and frictionless. We have added some fresh features to our mobile version making it faster and less clunky.

We are optimistic that with the current visual improvements, users will be able to navigate through the application with ease. In addition to that, we have also upgraded our platform to be more resilient by fixing multiple bugs to deliver a top-notch user experience.

There’s a lot to discover! Get started by visiting our Education Center to watch all of our updated videos →


“We could not be more impressed with the number of traditional finance features that we are now able to use via our Fireblocks and Securitize partnerships. Their platforms and interaction into ReserveFunding checks a lot of boxes that our traditional finance customers are requesting, and reduced a ton of risk for them in moving to a new technology paradigm.” — Ryan Medlin, CTO @ unFederalReserve

An integral part of building strong foundations is to make finance more accessible to unbanked or underbanked segments of the population to the financial system. In the expansive world of crypto, having secure and compliant procedures is mission-critical. In the past weeks we are happy to enable the following:

Bridging the Gap Between Banking and DeFi:

We have kicked-off integration with Circle, a global financial technology firm that provides payments and treasury infrastructure for digital businesses. This now allows unFed to transfer funds from DeFi to U.S. Bank accounts.

Next Generation Security:

Our main aim is to improve operational efficiency and security on our platform. We have integrated with Fireblocks, a digital asset custody, transfer and settlement platform.

  • We began and completed full onboarding and disaster recovery training on Fireblocks.
  • Additionally accomplished end-to-end fund transfer via test accounts.

Our First KYC Users:

We have embarked on achieving yet another milestone in bringing new efficiencies in KYC practices.

  • We have accomplished this via the integration of tools on Securitize to set up KYC-enabled permissions and accreditation (investor qualification to determine which type of investor they are) for our users.
  • Not just that, we are happy to share that we have completed the KYC/accreditation process for our first set of users.

To get involved and stay updated on all the news:

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