Empowering the Next Trillion: Blockchain and AI Advisory Services for the Future of Finance

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In a time when blockchain is reshaping the financial landscape, Residual Token, Inc, a Web3 advisory firm, stands as a beacon, ready to guide U.S. digital asset foundations, RIAs, broker-dealers, and visionary technologists. With a rich background spanning decades in banking, public accounting, digital marketing, and compliance, we bring an unparalleled blend of expertise to the evolving blockchain space. Reach out today at www.residualtoken.com to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Pool-to-Peer Lending and Borrowing

In the realm of pool-to-peer lending and borrowing, our advisory prowess extends beyond mere consultation. We draw from our unique experience in launching, what was at the time, the tenth largest P2P platform globally, ensuring our advice is not just theoretical but rooted in the tangible success of past endeavors. Our focus is particularly acute on advising cutting-edge lending and borrowing Web3 projects, emphasizing the infusion of machine learning and AI into underwriting, fulfillment, and KYC processes.


Within the landscape of crowdfunding, our team’s involvement is not confined to advice; we are creators and maintainers of successful crowdfunding initiatives. From the incubation of an idea to its execution, we provide guidance that is informed by a track record of actual project success, not just theoretical expertise. Our commitment lies in leveraging blockchain technology to facilitate efficient and transparent crowdfunding campaigns.


In the nuanced world of staking, our deep understanding goes beyond the surface. We not only advise on staking mechanisms in blockchain networks but actively guide clients on how to seamlessly integrate staking into institutional-grade and large-scale retail projects. This isn’t just consultation; it’s a blueprint for success.

Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, our track record speaks volumes. Our digital marketing teams have propelled dozens of companies to garner millions of views across social media platforms. For blockchain projects, we tailor strategies that go beyond visibility, ensuring active engagement and resonance in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Digital Asset Accounting and Compliance

In the domain of digital asset accounting and compliance, our advisory services are fortified by our unique experience as former presidents of two SEC-qualified custodians. We traverse the intricate landscape of digital asset accounting with a sagacity born out of practical fund accounting experience, ensuring compliance isn’t just a checkbox but a guarantee.

Target Audience: Our services are tailor-made for discerning clients — U.S. digital asset foundations, RIAs, broker-dealers, and technologists spearheading the next institutional-grade or large-scale retail project. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities each segment presents and provide bespoke solutions that align with their aspirations.

What Sets Us Apart:

Our team stands out as a dynamic combination of visionaries and seasoned professionals, showcasing not only technical proficiency but also a wealth of experience. Guided by leadership with decades of expertise in banking and public accounting, we bring a foundational understanding that lays the groundwork for unparalleled financial insight. Beyond traditional realms, our team distinguishes itself through proven leadership in the innovative domains of Web3 and DeFi. Far more than mere advisors, we are pioneers who have not only conceived but also designed, launched, and successfully maintained projects within the dynamic landscapes of Web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Technologies, Platforms, and Industries

Lending and Borrowing Web3 Projects: Our focus intensifies on projects pushing the boundaries, incorporating machine learning and AI into underwriting, fulfillment, and KYC processes.

Blockchain Technology for Financial Services: We specialize in technologies that don’t just follow trends but define the future, bringing genuine innovation to the financial sector.

Unique Methodologies

Our approach harmonizes experience and collaboration, creating a symphony that defines our unique methodology. With End-to-End Project Experience at our core, we go beyond mere consultation. Actively engaging from conceptualization to execution, we ensure our guidance is firmly rooted in the intricate dynamics of real-world project implementation. Fueling our approach is Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, where insights converge from diverse fields such as banking, accounting, marketing, and compliance. This fusion forms the robust backbone of our holistic solutions, allowing us to address challenges with a comprehensive and integrated perspective.

Impact of the Current Blockchain Landscape

As the next trillion dollars pour into the crypto industry, the imperative for safety and efficiency takes center stage. Our role transcends mere guidance; we are committed to guaranteeing Safety and Efficiency. These stand as the pillars of our expertise, serving as the crucial bridge between ambitious aspirations and secure operations. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that market dynamics and technological advancements are harnessed with a vigilant focus on safety and optimal efficiency.

Amidst a landscape where novelties can pose potential pitfalls, our team offers more than guidance; we provide the experienced navigation necessary for the effective and secure implementation of blockchain solutions. With a keen understanding of the complexities within the crypto space, we bring a level of assurance that safeguards against risks and fosters successful ventures.


In a landscape evolving at the speed of blockchain, our advisory services transcend conventional consultation. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of the digital financial frontier, unlocking the vast potential that the next trillion dollars in crypto promises.


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