First Open Market Purchase: COMPLETED

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3 min readDec 23, 2021

Exciting News:

unFederalReserve is thrilled to announce that our very first open market purchase has been completed. We accepted payment from a licensee and converted it into eRSDL. The pavement is in place to complete the bridge 🌉 from DeFi into CeFi.

CeFi entities, or other product sponsors, must license unFederalReserve’s software. The granting of a license consists of three types of information: identity, payment and term. eRSDL as a digital marker works in combination with our wallets to capture, process and manage those three elements. The transaction is one part of a demonstration supporting eRSDL’s utility to track the license’s active status.

unFederalReserve powers ReserveLending, a product that allows digital asset holders to borrow and lend their crypto coins anonymously. This first transaction is ReserveLending’s operators paying for that software.

unFederalReserve technology powers ReserveFunding, a traditional alternative investment marketplace for crypto holders. For this service and software, ReserveFunding will pay a licensing fee to unFederalReserve.

ReserveFunding is a liquidity channel for underserved tribal banks and community non-bank lenders. Retail crypto holders, like yourself, can earn passive income without incurring another tax event. unFederalReserve will provide the rails into traditional investments with higher and non-ethereum correlated returns. These traditional investments are the qualified entities licensing unFederalReserve’s software.

Securing the transaction and safety is our no. 1 priority. In conjunction with our burgeoning relationship with Bancor, open market purchases will be made through its platform.

The Next Step:

Determining the term over which the license expires, the rate at which tokens are burned or placed in deep storage, and the manner in which we track and report that data.

*Disclaimer* there is not an actual party to attend, via Zoom or IRL. To celebrate this monumental milestone and learn more, join us next Wednesday, Dec. 29 at our next AMA on Discord.

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