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2 min readAug 30, 2021

We reached out to our community and asked unFed Agents to vote for which token they want to see added to the ReserveLending platform.

Your Vote Matters

🗣 The people have spoken 🗣 and overwhelmingly sang the praises of Polygon’s $MATIC token.

Your voice has been heard — we hear the people sing! 🎵

As a new token listing, it will start with a 0% collateral factor and no borrows allowed. The collateral factor will be zero for just the first few weeks, and then ramped up, along with the borrow rate, over time. With no borrows allowed for now, reserve factors will not be a concern.

There are levels of collateral factor that can be raised to another level by a legitimate proposal from the community:

  1. CF1: 0%
  2. CF2: 10%
  3. CF3: 25%
  4. CF4: 45%
  5. CF5: 60%
  6. CF6: 75%

The goal is to increase the settings and methodologies in place to maximize the utility of the token.

$MATIC is an Ethereum token that supports and powers the Polygon Network. As the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development, Polygon facilitates crypto transfers across different crypto’s blockchains. This allows users the ability to have crypto on different networks while securing the system and enabling governance.

$MATIC won your vote and you can find $MATIC on ReserveLending soon: https://lending.unfederalreserve.com/

(So yes, a special thanks to Les Misérables for reminding us to always keep in mind:

Do we hear the people sing? 🎵 Are we listening to the voices from our community?

It is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes!)



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