The Power of Data

The protocols governing access would all ALL holders access to the following information:

— Amount of tokens held by a Lender

— The purchase timing and average price paid by the Lender for his tokens

— Market Value currently of the Lenders tokens

— The price paid by the last verified Lender (indicated by a separate token type provided by Residual)

— Count of Lenders (using our token)

— All the above factors for all lenders (e.g. timing, cost basis, fmv, quantity)

— Total minted tokens

— Total available to be minted tokens

— Current required Minimum tokens to originate

Our model will create debt instruments out of individual tokens representing different parties to and major attributes of the loan. For instance, the borrower/lender entity may be represented as an NFT, the same as its counterpart to the deal. The record attached to that NFT insofar as borrowing levels, average time principal outstanding, and other attributes can be tracked and reported. That intelligence will provide the community the ability to better price risk and see trends.



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