Trivium2: Bridging CeFi and DeFi

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4 min readAug 25, 2022

NEW YORK — When ReserveFunding was first conceived back in 2021, the idea was simple: Enable U.S. crypto high net-worth (“HNW”) individuals the ability to invest in traditional alternative investments directly from their Metamask, Wallet Connect or Coinbase wallets. This would solve three critical issues.

  1. Open up non-Ethereum price correlated investments to individuals that might have generated and maintain wealth largely in crypto;
  2. Provide an off-ramp into, generally, higher yielding alternative investments that would not require the hodler to handle currency conversion; and
  3. Provide funds a new source of capital and opportunity to educate a brand-new market segment on why traditional alternative investments still matter.

Enter Trivium2, the second offering from the Trivium fund of funds family.

Trivium: Fund of Funds

Trivium was created to offer access to highly vetted and highly diversified venture investments through three distinct, actively managed platforms that give investors exposure to the entire venture capital spectrum from early, to growth, and finally late stage VC deals.

“There are many paths from Web3 DeFi to traditional, alternative investments,” said Howard Krieger, CEO of unFederalReserve, the fintech start-up attempting to make the crossover from fiat to crypto economies more efficient. “Trivium is a great foray into the alt space for crypto HNWs because there’s hand-holding all along the way. At the end of the process, you have successfully gone from moonshot to stablecoin to alternative investment, and have diversified cryptoverse-centric risk.”

Trivium is a fund of funds composed of Angel & seed stage (11.2 Ventures), early and mid stage growth (Purple Arch Ventures) and late stage & pre-IPO (Alumni Ventures). Trivium manages these different private company investment opportunities for accredited investors. Trivium’s three-dimensional approach targets up to 100 venture investments diversified across stage, industry, geography, and lead investor.

“With the recent significant devaluations of venture backed companies returning pricing to historic norms, now is the optimal time to bring venture exposure into an investment portfolio,” stated Trivium founder Gary Scheier.

Purple Arch is part of a larger organization called the Alumni Ventures Group which is a family of eighteen alumni-tethered funds from the most prestigious universities in the U.S., including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Northwestern, MIT, Dartmouth, Stanford, and Cal-Berkley to name a few. Collectively the Alumni Ventures funds are the third most active Venture Group in the World. The Trivium Funds are about access. It is estimated that there are only about 500 top tier deals in Venture every year, and Alumni Ventures reviews approximately 350 of them, or 70%. The core philosophy of Alumni Ventures is to only invest in deals with a top tier VC as the lead investor.


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