unFederalReserve Announces a U.S. Institutional P2P Safe Harbor

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5 min readAug 28, 2022

Casper, Wyoming — (Newsfile Corp. — August 25, 2022) — ReserveLending+ by unFederalReserve aims to make saving and borrowing between a closed network of U.S. entities holding digital assets frictionless. Its new DeFi platform is a self-custody solution open only to those entities with an existing banking relationship with its partner, NextBank International. In conjunction with its custodial partner, Aegis Trust Company, a South Dakota Trust, participating entities will be able to manage the crypto side of their balance sheet without intermediary and with greater access to capital.

Institutional DeFi

As a leading decentralized finance and crypto infrastructure provider, unFederalReserve announced that it has in beta test a new institutional, self-custodial DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocol. The new protocol will allow U.S. institutional clients of its banking partner, NextBank International, to manage its digital asset balance sheet items in a secure, time-saving way. Integrating smart-contract software with multi-party finance will allow institutional clients to deal with known counterparties thus meeting a core U.S. regulatory hurdle.

Unlike the recently failed large, centralized lenders of note, unFederalReserve’s platform has liquidity provided by the other participants. Since borrowing can only be done on an overcollateralized basis, and the only assets allowed on the platform are USDC, Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is minimal risk to the supply crunches that have plagued those other entities.

Reserve Lending+

The self-custodial DeFi platform gives U.S. institution Controllers and Treasurers total control of their assets. Digital cash is not dependent on a bank or other entity to issue or verify transactions. Blockchain technology was a game changer with Bitcoin and Ethereum. To use DeFi, individuals must have an Ethereum wallet. Ethereum wallets have a private key and a public address. Users can share their public address but never share their private key.

ReserveLending+, the flagship institutional product from unFederalReserve, is a fork of the Compound protocol. Although self-custody has some advantages, it is still essential to use a custodian to provide independent verification over whom is admitted to the platform and who is removed. ReserveLending+ incorporates a qualified custodian into its core trunk, which protects users from unauthorized changes to the protocol or changes in access to the platform.

Raise Capital On Chain or Diversify Out of Ethereum Correlated Assets

ReserveFunding, unFederalReserve’s crypto high-net worth individual (“HNW”) alternative asset investment bridge, allows qualified individuals to invest in private deals without having to liquidate their digital holdings. Currently, Trivium2, a venture fund of funds that is the only non-alumnae organization fund with direct investment into the Alumni Ventures Group fund of funds, is leveraging this technology to open non-ethereum correlated investments to crypto high net worth individuals. Check it out today at https://unfed.info/Trivium_Fund

True Institutional DeFi At ReserveLending+, Residual Token Avoids Centralized Lender Drama

The future is cheaper capital for asset-intensive U.S. companies. When borrowers have more options, lenders compete for that business by lowering interest rates.

ReserveLending+, unFederalReserve’s institutional, non-custodial pool-to-peer deposit and lending marketplace, breaks down the traditional silos formed between a company and one or two lenders.

The platform creates a secure web of multiple, asset-heavy companies seeking to manage their overnight or long-term cash needs by engaging each other. Loans are over-collateralized, secure, and efficient. Earnings on deposits are real and tied to borrower’s interest payments.

Further security is afforded by housing custody with industry leader Aegis Trust Company. Check out ReserveLending+ today: https://unfed.info/RLplus

About Residual Token, Inc. dba unFederalReserve

In business since 2018, Residual’s team of former bankers, technologists and compliance professionals have been exploring ways to make crypto lending and borrowing markets safer and traditional markets more efficient. They currently have in development a handful of blockchain-based software available for license. Its flagship product, ReserveLending, allows permissionless access to crypto holders so that they can deposit, earn and borrow top digital assets safely, easily and effectively for cash management, hedging or speculative purposes.

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