unFederalReserve (eRSDL) is available on KuCoin

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2 min readMay 21, 2021

Tier 1 Exchange Listing Meets 2nd Quarter Strategic Goal and Improves Access

After the stellar launch of Reserve Lending, the Compound®-based DeFi solution for peer-to-pool-to-peer lending, unFederalReserve® has no plans on slowing down. Now, we are thrilled to share even more exciting news with our amazing community, both new and old!

unFederalReserve and the eRSDL token has been added to one of the top crypto exchanges in the world — KuCoin. KuCoin holds the title of the top exchange platform in globalization deployment, and it currently boasts over 750 million trades and has facilitated the transactions of over 260 billion (USD) token sales.

By partnering with KuCoin, we’ll be able to continue to improve the diversity of the Reserve Lending and unFederalReserve community. KuCoin is a trusted exchange and we know our users are going to love having it as an option. How do we know that? Because that’s what our dedicated group of users has told us through Telegram, email, and more.

Our goal is to become the pre-imminent platform for stablecoin staking and borrowing. The CeFI space is ripe with high cost lenders and other entities in need of liquidity at the rates available in the DeFI market today. We intend to take advantage of that need, and start demonstrating some of the advance features of Reserve B2B as they become available.

With KuCoin, users will have a centralized place to monitor many different cryptocurrencies, but past that, the platform offers improved pricing oracles. What does this mean for you? It means increased knowledge as KuCoin can provide in-depth pricing information and charts so every time you are ready to make a trade or purchase, you can do so confidently.

Another advantage of being listed on this major exchange is that we’ll be able to bring more members into our growing community, as this will help place Reserve Lending, unFederalReserve and the eRSDL token in front of more eager crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

Thank you for continuing with us on this journey, and we can’t wait to continue to grow with all of you to provide a great platform and powerful DeFi tools as we continue through our 2021 roadmap and beyond.



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