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  • The $eRSDL community thanks you for your support
  • Growth: Expand use cases of ReserveLending liquidity pools
  • Goal: Buy and burn eRSDL 3 to 4 times in 2023
  • Be Smart: Save cash and be smart about with whom to partner
  • Continue to be the best in crypto for U.S. regulatory compliant DeFI.


unFederalReserve’s goal is to lower costs of capital by means of its blockchain-based banking software products. We provide technology and thought leadership that allows your business to offer a U.S. regulatory compliant means to share and move assets and other information securely and quickly.

Software licensees implement our solutions for a variety of reasons; whether that means fulfilling an altruistic vision, gaining market share by lowering lending rates or increasing profitability by making electronic information transfer more efficient. We are agnostic to their ratonale because our focus is on making the software work reliably and continue to deliver on our five core principles: Safety, Courtesy, Inclusion, Efficiency and Experience.

Our live products, like ReserveLending, have successfully handled over $700 million in cumulative transaction volume representing close to 31,000 individual and specific transactions over the course of the last 18 months. Our institutional pool-to-peer lending software, ReserveLending+, with the help of our publicly-traded banking partner, NextBank International, is in Rinkeby testnet while more entities get onboarded with the bank. Our DeFI to TradFi bridge, ReserveFunding, has had an immediate positive reception from funds looking to raise capital, and this is all just the beginning.

2023 is a year to move forward in deliberate fashion. Preserving capital is foremost on our minds, and partnerships have to be vetted to ensure we are not inheriting some other project’s problems. As we navigate uncertain waters, we are confident in our ability to stay the course, identify good opportunities to partner with other permissionless projects and be there as the market turns its attention back to the undeniable future of finance.

Special shout-out to ReserveDAO and @DukeTogo. This will be the year to see if crypto hodlers have what it takes to #BuyTheBank.


Roadmap 2023

These goals will not be necessarily achieved in the order listed. The order does speak to, internally, how we think about prioritization, speed to market and likelihood of success earlier in the year versus later.


Our token, available at KuCoin and Uniswap and others, and swappable right on our website! The token does not generate a yield. The token’s emissions have been turned off in accordance with our quasi-DAO’s wish to cap the supply. We buy and burn our token from the market using a portion of our revenue as part of our Licensing-As-A-Service concept. We will have three or four open market purchases and burns tied to the amount of licensing fees we earn on the technology. We will continue to have votes on a number of topics (including as part of our support of the ReserveDAO ecosystem.)

In addition to being able to use the eRSDL to buy services through HYVE, the token will soon be usable as a casino token at the Candy Club. We do not condone nor support gambling with your crypto, but if you want to entertain yourself in 2023, then this is another way we are supporting utility for the $eRSDL token..


For ReserveLending, our main focus is the leveraging of our global liquidity pools for other permissionless projects looking to offer more utility to their customers and increase brand stickiness. The goals are going to read like standard business development objectives

  • Make this application available on the Gnosis Apps page
  • Generate a target list of all identified permissionless ERC20 projects
  • Approach at least 100 of these projects with an offer of collaboration
  • Convert at least 10 of these projects into ReserveLending global liquidity pool licensees … perhaps this one for example:
  • By June, achieve $7.5 million supply / $3 million borrow TVL
  • By December, achieve $35 million supply / $20 million borrow TVL
  • Change Interest Rate Models, with community approval, for ETH and WBTC to align with competitor platforms
  • Increase ReserveLending users to 6,000 by June and 9,000 by December
  • Add functionality that allows $eRSDL to be used to reduce RL usage fees


Our institutional P2P product allows clients of NextBank to whitelist their wallets and use our pool-to-peer platform to save and borrow on an overcollateralized basis. Our objectives are:

  • Introduce 50 U.S.-based crypto native and crypto adjacent companies to NextBank
  • Assist NextBank in converting 10 of these companies into general operating (GO) account customers
  • Hold demonstrations with 8 NextBank customers on the use and benefit of RL+
  • Onboard 2 NextBank customers on RL+
  • Achieve a RL+ TVL of supply $1 million / borrow $400 thousand by December
  • Gain traction with two other regional banks with respect to licensing RL+ under similar circumstances as our relationship with NextBank
  • Set the stage for RB2B via introduction of credit underwriting, contracting and collateral-less borrowing


Our bridge from DeFI to Tradfi is one of a number of options in a crowded space. Pure tokenized solutions have not gained traction and are more costly to maintain than traditional docusign, wire and spreadsheet managed capital raises. As long as the markets stay depressed the loss of so many crypto-millionaires means the acquisition funnel for users of a tradfi off-ramp into private placements is only smaller and more expensive than ever. We will keep the deals we have listed until they are filled, and if a good cause comes along that the community feels needs promotion, then we will add that offer to our existing page. The reality is that private equity markets are a year or more away from healing and the number of crypto hodler qualified investors does not make the juice worth the squeeze here.

Other Endeavors

Not mentioned above are some other things the unFederalReserve team has cooking up for 2023. For one, we have been approached by a (and will actively reach out to other) protocol that does not currently have borrowing or lending capabilities. So, along those lines we would like to:

  • Connect with 20 L1 and L2 protocols currently devoid of P2P lending capabilities
  • Propose to and engage 5 of these protocols for the purpose of developing P2P infrastructure

For token hodlers, we will work to increase the utility of the token through a variety of projects, namely:

  • Expand on our commitment to work with ReserveDAO and its mission to #BuyTheBank
  • Hold a series of votes throughout the year on a variety of topics related to the project’s basics, partnerships and expansion
  • Continue to seek new sources of funding to grow and operate the business

Social Media

Here are some targets we would like to hit in the social media space.

Twitter Engagement

  • Tweets — 650
  • Tweet impressions (000s) — 2,500,000
  • Profile Visits (000s) — 1,000,000
  • Mentions — 20,000
  • New Followers — 5,000


  • 1,000 viewing hours
  • 50 new subscribers

We continue to enjoy vibrant discussions on Telegram and Discord and invite you all to connect in 2023.


Looking forward, we will capitalize on every opportunity afforded to us and work hard every day to earn the respect of our hodlers, impress newcomers and remind the establishment that the best, most qualified team in crypto-lending is ready to pounce. The team wishes you a safe, healthy and prosperous 2023.

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