What’s Next For Crypto Lending? Having our cake and eating it too!

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3 min readNov 8, 2021

By: CryptoMandiac

Call me hungry, greedy or benevolent — but I say everyone should be able to have their cake and eat it too. 🍰 🎂 Crypto lending has come so far since its inception: from the early days of traditional loans backed by bitcoin to new and exciting DeFi platforms that allow people to rethink how they bank, grow their money and build their financial future. But the next stage of crypto lending is combining all the best ingredients from the DeFi cake recipe with the 🔥 ingredients from the CeFi recipe to create the best cake possible.

The good news is the hard work is already done. No need to write the recipe over from scratch. Safety and protection is front-of-mind. We already have our apron on by having Chainalysis connected to our platform. We use their tools to monitor wallets for suspicious activity and keep our platform as a safe harbor.

The cookbook calls for folding in the needs of non-bank lenders and making this cake available to anyone and everyone. It’s a win-win for crypto users, as the result will be a product that they can trust with more sophisticated protocols and, ideally, fewer barriers to entry. The future of crypto lending is making this technology and opportunity accessible to marginalized communities. (Yes even you, Mr. Gluten Free, Low Carb)

If you want to take that cake to the next level, then you need to add identity as an ingredient. The anonymity that is so appealing is a flavor, which is balanced with the spice of know-your-customer authentication.

Nobody wants a bite of the cake from the baker gone rogue. By adding the final touches of fondant and buttercream florets that come along with CeFi, along with the perks of DeFi, the result of what is baked together is greater than what we’ve ever cooked up before in the crypto kitchen.

With the introduction of the ReserveFunding platform comes the addition of the KYC check for its users. Product transparency still remains vitally important, as all consumers deserve to know exactly what ingredients they are eating. Nobody should be misled by reading a label on their slice of cake, but it’s important to include the disclaimers. “Processed in a facility that also produces nuts” is the same transparency as reminding users that there is an inherent risk that comes along with crypto.

And yes I know, it’s hard to believe, but there are people out there who have never had cake. Maybe they’ve never noticed cake on the dessert menu, or maybe they’ve never even dreamed of having cake because they’ve never been marketed to. Or maybe they’ve never been invited to a bakery, patisserie or panaderia (which, let’s face it, is just tragic.) It’s possible they just can’t reach the cake on the shelf in the grocery store — but the future of crypto lending is making this cake reachable for all. 🎂

Also, it’s 2021: You’re doing great. Eat the cake. 🍰



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